Bike Maintenance course 2020

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The Bike Kitchen is organizing a bike maintenance course in the beginning of 2020. The aims of the course are to share bike fixing skills, to learn working principles of different types of bikes and to fix them and to encourage people to take part in the Bike Kitchen’s activities and to encourage volunteership. The central tenets of the Bike Kitchen are a sense of community, peer learning and knowledge sharing. The course does not obligate one to anything, but we sincerely hope that the people who take the course will come and volunteer during opening hours (opening the doors and staying for the duration of the hours) and share their knowledge and skills with others.

During the course we will meet six times every Sunday at 3 pm (15 o’clock) at the Turku Bike Kitchen at Kalevantie 15. Each course session will be about three hours. The course begins 19th January.

Three experienced bike mechanics will be there to share their knowledge on the topic of the day. The participants will be split into groups, and each group will try their hand in the different areas of bicycle mechanics. At the end of the course each group will assemble a bicycle, and any one in the groups may take the bicycle to themselves if they need it. You cannot fix your own bicycle during the course.

The course will be mainly in Finnish, but one of the groups can choose to work in English. The course is free of charge for participants.

Course program:

19.1. Bikes in general. Getting to know different types of bikes and wheel and tire sizes. Each group will disassemble a bicycle and patch an inner tube.

2.2. Brakes. The groups will get to know different types of brakes.

9.2. Transmission and gears. The groups will get to know different types of gear systems.

16.2. Bearings. We will look at headsets and bottom brackets.

23.2. Wheels. We will look at truing wheels to make them straighter and the bearings of the hubs.

1.3. Assembling a bicycle.

Binding registration by 12th of January to We can take a maximum of twelve people and the course will not be organized if there are less than six participants. The course will be filled according to sign-up order. You can sign up even if you won’t be able to make it to every session, but we will prioritize those who can. If you want, you can also sign up for a single session. This will be possible if there is room in the course.

Knowledge is power – share it!

What: Bike maintenance course

Where: Turku Bike Kitchen, Kalevantie 15

When: Sundays at 3 pm (15 o’clock) 19.1.-1.3.2020. Binding registration by 12.1.2020,